Easy as WiFi

Cloud-hosted easy to use management portal for enterprises

  • Securely run your sites and prioritize your applications
  • Powerful data collection for analysis and troubleshooting

Superior performance and security but simpler to deploy and operate

Compelling Economics

Open architecture allows for choice of
best-of-breed hardware

  • Avoid vendor lock in
  • Flexibility to deploy just what you need

CBRS gives you your own dedicated spectrum

  • Avoid interference with wifi
  • Enjoy reliable deterministic performance

Reduce public cloud & WAN costs through edge data reduction

  • Own and control your network and data
  • Keep critical data local

Automated CI/CD

Enterprise Benefits

  • Latest feature and updates are verified and transparently deployed
  • Increase network reliability
  • Reduce operating cost

Developer Benefits

  • If you’re building on the Aether platform, you can integrate your unique capabilities into the Aether development flow
  • Timely access is provided to the latest software features and fixes
  • Reduced security risk
  • Reduced management/maintenance overhead

Power of Open Source

The shift to open source offers benefits for digital transformation projects

  • Limit vendor lock-in, reduce TCO
  • Greater control over your solution
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Ability to affect the direction of Aether
  • Vibrant collaborative ecosystem

ONF’s Unique Open Source Model

  • ONF is a non-profit
  • We’re primarily an engineering organization
  • We’re building Aether for the benefit of the ecosystem
  • Our goal is to catalyze transformation, and we’re here to help you leverage the Aether platform to build your own edge applications, products and solutions
  • We’ll help you deploy and join the live Aether beta deployment, so you can easily get started