Aether™ Ecosystem


Aether is an open source platform being developed and deployed by the
Open Networking Foundation (ONF) in collaboration with industry partners.

Aether’s mission is to democratize the private 5G connected edge cloud. We believe
the combination of private 5G/LTE connectivity with edge cloud capabilities will be a
critical enabling platform for enterprises embarking on digital transformation projects.


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Aether Community
Ecosystem Goals

Aether is NOT driven by a profit goal.

This ecosystem has formed to help enterprises transform, and to further the state-of-the-art by seeding the industry with an open source platform that brings together 5G connectivity and edge cloud capabilities – the fundamental ingredients that will enable enterprises to build new innovative use cases leveraging AI/ML to intelligently run their businesses.

Securing 5G Infrastructure

Pronto, a DARPA funded project undertaking by Cornell, Princeton, Stanford and ONF, is using the Aether platform as the foundation for the Pronto network.


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Pronto’s goal is to enable, build and pilot a network where operators program the network top-down (rather than trusting opaque proprietary networking devices to forward traffic). Pronto will leverage and enhance ONF’s Aether platform with fine grained measurement, verification of network behavior and closed-loop control and provides an environment for research and demonstration of new concepts.


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Pronto adds yet another vibrant ecosystem building on and backing Aether, and Pronto will continue to funnel leading edge innovation back into the open source Aether platform for the benefit of all.

Learn more about Pronto

How Ecosystem is Using Aether


Scalable and Secure
LTE/5G for


Processing at Edge

Example: occupancy

Real-time AI/ML

at Edge for Application

Examples: Drone Flight
Control, IoT Sensor data

Hosting Edge
Applications such as
IoT Platform,

Engine, etc.

Open RAN


We’re looking for innovative companies that want to join us in this mission.
If you are…

  • A supplier wanting to create new offerings for your customers
  • A systems integrator wanting to create a new service offering
  • A researcher wanting to push the state-of-the-art
  • An enterprise embarking on an Industry 4.0 automation project

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