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Whether you only want to track Aether’s progress to start, or you are
ready to deploy, there are ways for everyone to engage.


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Joining the Aether Beta Deployment

We offer a quick start program to make an Aether Edge easy to deploy

Benefit of joining Aether Beta Network

  • Early adopter of Aether platform
  • Rapid prototyping platform for innovation
  • Use case prototyping and proof of concept before full-scale deployment

We invite qualified companies to deploy Aether as a cloud managed service (ONF will help deploy and run your installation). We are looking for companies that will build on Aether to explore innovative IIoT applications and use cases. Upon qualification, ONF will onboard enterprises to the Beta Program. ONF will provide the following services during the Beta Program.

  • Managed Deployment of an Aether Connected Edge
  • Proof of Concept Design Support
  • 8×5 Managed Operations and Maintenance
  • Aether Community support
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Joining ONF provides access to additional resources for Aether (source code, internal documentation, support), and also gives you access to the broad range of ONF projects that are transforming operator networks worldwide.

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