Enabling the Smart Enterprise with
Private 5G Connectivity + Connected Edge Cloud

Benefits of 5G with the operational simplicity and economics of WiFi

Platform for mission critical
enterprise IoT applications

Open source and COTS
hardware economics

Delivered as a cloud
managed service

New Era of the Smart Enterprise

Transformation to Industry 4.0 is accelerating across many industries, opening the door to new applications/services utilizing AI/ML-based real-time data analytics and process automation.

Oil & Gas

Aether Platform Service Portfolio

Aether brings together private 5G cellular and Edge Cloud
delivered as a cloud managed platform

Enterprise Class Solution

Highly Secure

Mission Critical
Use Cases

Mobility & Coverage

With Lower Barriers to Entry

easy png
  Easy as WiFi

economics png
Compelling Economics

open source png
Power of Open Source

Aether is backed by industry leaders to create a
shared, common, open source platform

Platform for Secure 5G Infrastructure

Aether is being used as the platform for the DARPA Pronto project, bringing $30M in additional funding to advance Aether as a platform for secure 5G.


Aether Beta Deployment

Aether is in operation.  This centrally managed deployment hosts the Aether core in the public cloud, and is maintained by a CI/CD devops development pipeline where features and fixes are automatically deployed without disruption.


Aether Map April 2021 1 png

Why Bet on Aether?