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Governing Board

The Aether Project is supported by the Aether Directed Fund which is managed by the Governing Board. The Governing Board consists of one representative from each Premier member and one representative from the Aether Technical Steering Team (TST). The Governing Board meets monthly and is responsible for overseeing the Directed Fund’s annual budget along with the high level vision of the Aether Project.

Larry Peterson

Princeton University, Aether TST Chair

Pranav Mehta


Timon Sloane

Executive Director

Technical Steering Team

The Aether Project is managed on the technical level by the Aether Technical Steering Team (TST). The Aether TST meets on a weekly basis and consists of contributing members of the Aether community.

Gabriel Arrobo

Intel Labs

Scott Baker


Andy Bavier


Sean Condon


Woojoong Kim


Larry Peterson

Princeton University (Chair)

Muhammad Shahbaz

Purdue University

Ajay Lotan Thakur