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May 2024

Aether v2.2.0 Released

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Aether, which includes the latest version of SD-Core (v1.4), is now tested and deployed using OnRamp. Blueprints include support for multiple RAN options: emulated gNBs, physical eNB/gNB, SD-RAN.

Aether OnRamp is now the recommended way to get started with Aether. It defines a step-by-step procedure for deploying and operating Aether on your own hardware, including support for 5G small cell radios.

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Aether Presented at 2024 LF ONE Summit

By Blog

Aether Governing Board member and Technical Steering Team (TST) Chair Larry Peterson recently spoke at the Linux Foundation’s 2024 ONE Summit. Larry presented on Aether: Private 5G for Industry 4.0, which included an overview of the Aether architecture, key innovations of Aether (SD-Core and SD-RAN) and Aether’s deployment machinery (OnRamp).